DIY Centerpieces

It’s 2022 and Pinterest continues to be the main inspiration for many of our brides. DIY sounds like so much fun—until you’re in the thick of planning—and then it becomes, well, less of a fun inspiration and more of an overwhelming task. Before you know it, you’re elbow deep in hot glue, ribbon, and glass paint. (not to mention that pesky glitter that clings to everything—for eternity!)

So the question is, how can you pull this off successfully without ripping out your beautiful hair that you’ve taken months to grow?! When embarking on DIY centerpieces and décor, it is best to have a clear and refined vision of what you envision your day to look like. At some point, you will have to close down Pinterest, ignore those texts from your bridal squad, and stop the continued searching. That will only make your head spin more and you will start to question your decisions. Plus, the more you search, the more you will pile on your plate and your vision will become cluttered instead of classic and refined. We love the sleek, elegant, and dainty décor at Hannah + Evan’s wedding (see gallery). What did it involve? Wine bottles—and lots of them—simple florals, a little paint, and topped off with sweet votive candles. Pieced all together, it created beautiful rose and gold-themed centerpieces that didn’t overwhelm the table décor.

So how did Hannah + Evan do it? The first step— start hoarding those wine bottles! Let’s be honest, when Friday rolls around you may be uncorking that first bottle, or perhaps the second depending on how the rest of the week unfolded. Normally you’d toss that old bottle in the recycling, but now you start hoarding it! Recruit your friends and family to hoard their empty bottles and start your collection. Look for variety in shapes and sizes to add some dimensions to the table decor. You certainly do not want each bottle to be the Costco-sized Woodbridge bottle, and certainly not the throwback Carlo Rossi bottle!

Next, research a local wholesale florist. Sure, you can ask your florist for simple stems, but to really adhere to the DIY theme, wholesale is the way to go. Pick blooms that stick within your theme and that will be sturdy enough to hold up throughout the evening. A floral with a very petite and thin stem will probably not be your best option as they have a higher likelihood of wilting. Next, ask your venue if they have votive candles (most will), and if not, I am sure Michael’s is just around the corner. If you have a color palette in mind, find a glass, paint, and a brush – and go to town! Invite your bridal squad over for a “wine and paint” night and sip and brush until your bottles are golden (or rose). Lastly, once the paint has dried, practice assembling different layout options with your bottles to determine which looks best. Do you have a variety of heights? Varying shapes? Once you find the look—or looks—that you love, snap a pic and use it as a reference for assembly on the day of your wedding.

With limited supplies and a few helping hands, you can have beautiful and elegant centerpieces that look like they took months to create!

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