About us

As a Northern California wedding planner, we cater to couples who are looking for that beautiful NorCal wedding of their dreams.

We are professional to a fault and dedicated to falling in love with your own love story and bringing it to life. We are passionate about design and details, and we will help you envision the wedding that is completely bespoke to you. Don’t know when to have your first dance or when to cut the cake? We take all the guesswork out of planning the day, down to the tiniest detail to ensure your day flows seamlessly and your guests have the time of their lives. We are constantly innovating, envisioning, and planning your wedding down to the most finite detail. With us you will find that we are calm under pressure, yet extremely professional. Your day will be planned with so much heart, dedication, and positivity that you will find wedding planning a joy, not a chore.

Our story

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Our approach

Hiring a wedding planner ensures that no detail, however large or small is overlooked. A planner can take an ordinary wedding and make it extraordinary.

Time is valuable, and it can feel like sometimes there is not enough of it. A wedding planner can step and do the heavy lifting so you can ensure your wedding planning stays on schedule. A wedding shouldn’t be stressful, it should be delightful and fun.

A wedding planner takes the guesswork out of the design and details. With hundreds of hours of design experience and over 100 weddings under our belt, there is no guesswork. We have executed designs ranging from the most simplistic to the most opulent. We are dedicated to envisioning your wedding and taking your dreams and literally bringing them to life!

Owner & Creative Director

Kendall Melissa

Kendall is the owner, creative director, and head planner + designer of Kendall Melissa Events. She is a strong believer in finding true love. She has always had a passion for piecing together the perfect event for every occasion.

Her background in hotels and her experience in the hospitality industry for over 15 years allows her to see the event as a whole through a professional’s eye. She can foresee potential issues before they arise and can use her expertise to design flawless events. Event planning has always been in her blood and she thrives on ensuring all the details; however large or small, are executed with purpose and thought. Her calm-under-pressure nature allows her to handle every situation with grace and class, all the while keeping her client’s interest close to her heart.

Kendall has planned hundreds of weddings and events all over from the East Coast to the West Coast with many destinations in between. She believes in the power of love and the love story of each couple. Nothing gives her greater joy than seeing two souls collide as they say “I Do!”

Lead Planner

Melyssa Diehl

Melyssa has a passion for design and bringing events to life. She has a keen eye for artistic detail, which she learned through creating and hosting philanthropic events and pop-ups for designer brands such as Kate Spade and Hammitt.

Her love of styling, photography, and “setting the stage” makes her the perfect planner to ensure you have the best day of your life! We absolutely love working with and alongside Melyssa as her attention to detail, over-the-top calm manner, and cheerful smile puts everyone around her at ease!

Event Assistant

Erin Rosien

Erin has been an energetic and integral part of growing Kendall Melissa Events as she has assisted on many, many beautiful weddings. Her cheery personality and attention to detail make it a breeze working together.

Her confidence, insight, and her ability to step into any situation allow us to curate weddings with ease. She takes every situation and puts a positive spin on it to ensure the day remains happy and lively for each of our couples. She is a shining light on the team and is a true gem to work alongside.