A Simple Favor Please

Nowadays there is a renewed interest in the “wedding favor”. How can yours stand above the rest while still staying true to who you are as a couple? Favors should seamlessly fit in with the rest of your wedding decor; a bit of an added extra to serve as a reminder of your big day. So where do you begin? What will your guests find creative or even useful? How do you wade through the endless options and find “the one” that will speak to you? My favorite wedding favors serve multiple purposes: remind those of your amazing day AND ones that serve an additional purpose. Here are a few that fit that mold.

The Koozie

Who doesn’t love keeping their favorite, refreshing beverage cool year round? I do! A wedding koozie is a relatively inexpensive option to offer your guests and one that they are guaranteed to use! Whether or not you offer cans of craft beer in your bar or not, that koozie will expand to fit almost any refreshing adult beverage! Post-wedding nuptials, your guests will be sitting, legs up, on the couch with their post-day beverage in hand, wrapped cozily in your koozie! A simple, refreshing reminder of the fun they had.

Living Flora

I’m a sucker for anything green that lives in a pot. My house is filled with succulents and cacti and each one brings me great joy to see their little buds grow. In fact, I have succulents from my wedding 2 1/2 years ago that are still thriving and I love them because they are a constant reminder of where they made their big debut. A simple idea would be to get yourself some cutsie, small clay pots, a bag of potting soil, gardening gloves and hit up your local nursery (or Home Depot), and purchase some small plants and get to assembling! If you have assigned table numbers, how ingenious would it be to add a little name stake in the pot denoting the table number?! Not only is it a wedding favor, but it’s also a table assignment as well. Nothing makes me more gratified than efficiency!

Donut You Love Me

In a previous post, I mention how a great alternative dessert option is the Donut Board. It adds an element of decor as well as offers variety for your guests. Another added bonus serves as wedding favors. Find some cute little to-go bags, get your monogram stamped on each one, and post a sign offering guests to take their fill home in their own personal bag. So you have dessert (check), wedding favor (check), and a post-wedding late-night snack (check)! Sounds like a delicious win to me.

Let Love Grow

This one also plays on my love affair with all things living, but another fun idea would be to offer seedlings of some of your wedding florals for each guest to take home. A simple brown bag with a custom stamp seals the deal. Now a constant reminder of your wedding will be the beautiful blooms that grow in the yards of those who celebrated your union! Very cost-effective and the thought of having your seedlings sprinkled across the US is something special to consider.

Let Love Brew

Raise your hand if the first beverage you reach for every day is a steaming hot cup of Joe! Imagine how your guests feel the day after dancing the night away at your wedding. Chances are, they could use a pick-me-up. A unique idea would be to purchase small burlap bags, a swatch of fabric, and that trusty ole stamp, fill them with beans or ground coffee, and bam— you will have a personalized bag of coffee for your guests! In the morning they will be thanking you for the extra boost of energy!

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